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At Crop Health Vision (CHV) we believe that the best stimulants for crop performance can be found in the natural abundance of active molecules in plants.

How we apply plant-derived molecules

Resilient, stress-free crop

We have successfully applied plant-derived molecules in our solutions to simulate oxidative stress in plants. While not harmful for plants, these molecules trigger an antistress response in the plant. This process results in the production of extra antioxidants, as well as faster recycling of used antioxidants.

The overall concentration of antioxidants in the plant therefore increases after application of our solutions, which makes the plant more resilient to a wide range of stresses.

This will eventually lead to a more productive crop, higher yields, improved quality of fruits or flowers, and overall a more resilient crop.

Oxidative stress in plants

Stressors can occur in many forms, but all have oxidative stress as a result, which is an accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Through the application of our technology, these ROS by-products can be reduced, in order to restore the balance to keep the crop healthy and prevent cell damage.

Plants are subjected to both biotic and abiotic stress, which can be caused in many ways, such as salt stress, excessive light, suboptimal temperatures, nutrient deficiency, pests, and many more. While all these stress factors have different origins, they all result in oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is caused by the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These ROS are a by-product of the plants anti-stress defence and need to be reduced to keep the plant healthy. An excess of ROS can cause cell damage and eventually lead to cell death.

Natural defence

All plants have a natural defence to combat oxidative stress and feature a wide range of compounds known as antioxidants. A few well known antioxidants are uric acid, vitamins (C, A and E), carotenoids and glutathione. These antioxidants can reduce ROS and thus reduce the potential damage caused  by ROS.

The amount of antioxidants is however limited, and excessive oxidative stress can deplete the plants reservoir of antioxidants. This means that prolonged or excessive oxidative stress will almost certainly lead to plant damage and a decrease in yield.

CHV provides the technology to combat this stress. This means that after applying our solutions the plant becomes more resilient to a wide range of stresses.


Our technology can also contribute to the overall health of the rhizosphere and an increase in new roots is observed in young, old, healthy, and unhealthy crops.

While roots are usually obscured from sight, monitoring their condition is as important as the rest of the plant. A healthy rhizosphere is vital for optimal productivity for any crop. Our unique active molecules contribute to the overall health of the rhizosphere. After application of our selected molecules an increase in new roots is seen, in both young, old, healthy and unhealthy crops.

With the increased health of the roots the overall condition of the rhizosphere is improved. Healthier roots are more resilient to unwanted microorganisms and optimize their cooperation with beneficial microorganisms. The improvement of the rhizosphere results in better nutrient uptake and increased overall condition of any crop.


When biofilms form around the roots, a low oxygen environment is created, resulting in oxygen deprived roots, and consequently, decreased nutrient uptake.

Plants treated with our technology are less sensitive to the formation of unwanted biofilms around the roots. When biofilms form around the roots, an anoxic environment is created resulting in oxygen deprived roots, and consequently decreased nutrient uptake.

Like all living organisms bacteria need; food, water, and the proper environment to grow and survive. Competition for nutrients is fierce and therefore colonization of a nutrient-rich area is vital. In horticulture the roots are one of the most nutrient rich environments, and therefore an ideal place for bacteria to develop a biofilm. While this is good for bacteria, plant root functioning reduces with biofilms around.

Persistent biofilms can eventually lead to decay of roots, and potentially form nesting grounds and entry sites for undesired microorganisms. As countermeasure the plant will invest in the formation of new roots which means less energy and nutrients are available for the production of new foliage, flowers and fruits.

Extensive field trials with our products have proven that that treated plants have a resilient root system, a healthy rhizosphere, and are less sensitive to the formation of undesired biofilms.

Easy-to-use, natural solutions

At CHV we strongly believe that our technology should be accessible to our community in the form of relevant solutions which are effective, easy to apply, and designed to provide growers with peace of mind!

Since our technology is based on using active molecules, we do not rely on living organisms or undefined organic mixtures. We make sure that our products only contain the molecules necessary for achieving the desired results.

This approach results in user friendly products that can be applied through any irrigation system, without negative side effects.

Our solutions

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