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Croptimum for Ornamentals

A revolutionary mode of action for a unique combination of results in growing ornamentals.

On this page, you can find specific information for growers of ornamentals about our innovative solution Croptimum.

Read general information about Croptimum and its benefits on our Croptimum page.

Observations: Improved quality and yields

During field trials it was experienced that both yield and quality increased after regular application, as well as a reduction in losses of young plants.

Observation: after use of Croptimum yields in production cylces increase

Observation: yield improvement increased over time after start of use of Croptimum

Observation: quality aspect such as length of yield has increased after use of Croptimum

Standard grower program

Croptimum applied

Observation: Average 6 week yield increase of up to 7% (after 10 weekly treatments with Croptimum).

Observation: Dutch Auction A1 quality increased with more than 2% (after 10 weekly treatments with Croptimum).

Observation: 7 treatments with Croptimum has resulted in lower losses during young plant development (up to 64% decrease), compared to benchmark inputs.

Observation before use of Croptimum during trial in Africa.

Observation after 4 treatments with Croptimum during trial in Africa: stimulated ornamental crop production (biomass, stem length and yield increased).

Observations: Improved rhizosphere

During field trials in the Netherlands in substrate culture it was concluded that there was clear stimulation of new roots, after regular application of Croptimum.

Rhizosphere of the benchmark, untreated group.

Rhizosphere after recommended dosing with Croptimum.