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Croptimum for Fruit Vegetables

A revolutionary mode of action for a unique combination of results in growing fruit vegetables.

On this page, you can find specific information for growers of fruit vegetables about our innovative solution Croptimum.

Croptimum is the new standard in stimulating plant health. Croptimum’s revolutionary mode of action delivers a unique combination of results in growing vegetables and fruit. CHV’s technology is based on carefully selected and purified plant substances. Our natural products are purified to maximize product hygiene and use through irrigation. We understand plant science. With the use of specific plant derived molecules we stimulate plant and root activation.

Read general information about Croptimum and its benefits on our Croptimum page.

Observations & Results

Through independent research institutes unquestionable results were observed at various production locationsin the North (such as the Netherlands) and South of Europe (such as Spain) across a wide variety of crops, such as tomato, pepper, zucchini, cucumber and melons.


Observations (see above) in general were healthier and more resilient crop:

  1. Better Growth
  2. More flower production and higher number of fruit formated


Observations (see above):

  1. Better Growth
  2. Better flower formation
  3. Better and faster fruit development

Observations & Results

Higher yields were observed in all crops. The increase in yields was achieved by increase in fruit weight, but especially by a significant increase in number of fruits harvested. Also melons treated with Croptimum showed a very strong increase in yield and quality.

Adding to the benefits of using Croptimum was a much lower percentage unmarketable fruits as the quality and grade of fruits harvest from the various crops treated with Croptimum was better.



In addition to increased yields, the following positive effects were noted:

  • Lower total salt (up to 7%)
  • Higher levels of calcium (up to 20%)
  • Increase of Brix (up to 8%)
  • Increase of skin hardiness (up to 11%)
  • Increased chlorophyll levels (up to 5%)
  • Increased stomatal conduction (up to 6%)

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In addition to increased yields, the following positive effects were noted: