About us

The root of growth is health.

Welcome to Crop Health Vision (CHV). Together with you and stakeholders in horticulture and agriculture, we strive to deliver sustainable growth.

At CHV we develop innovative solutions which focus on the roots of growth: health. By improving the resilience of crop,  its nutrient uptake and rhizosphere condition, we can establish high volume-production, and an increase in quality.

We empower growers and cultivators from around the world, through natural and easy-to-use solutions to optimize growth, production, efficiency, and sustainability.

Crop Health Vision

At CHV, we are in close partnership with AHV International, as part of our Health Vision Consortium. Together, we catalyze new standards through the application of plant and biomolecular sciences in horticulture and agriculture with our patent pending technology and solutions.

Each of our biotech-consortium subsidiaries operates in sectors vital to human and animal health, the planet and its ecosystems. As a collective and as individual ventures, we strive to be the front runners in developing natural scientific solutions to improve health to humans, animals, food and plants.

Our consortium has a proven track record focusing on the optimization of crop and animal health, as well as performance, and business results through the development of its multispecies portfolio of innovative solutions.

Our History

Drs. Gertjan Streefland introduced a new vision when he – as a practicing veterinarian, was the first to recognize the bottlenecks caused by regular treatment methods in animal health. With his new methods, his ground-breaking vision was brought to life by co-founding AHV International and with the development of its quorum sensing solutions to optimize animal health, and a desire to explore opportunities in other continuums within the agriculture and health industries.

Backed by committed professionals and investors, and an enthusiastic team of researchers and veterinarians, AHV grew to an international business within a few years, and now operates in over 20 countries, serving more than 10,000 farmers to date.

With AHV’s quorum sensing antagonism (QSA) technologies, AHV’s Chief Innovation, Lex de Boer, started to explore the opportunities of implementing this patent pending technology in other fields, such as human health, hygiene, and crops. It was soon discovered that the health and production capacity of crops could also be positively influenced by the working of their biomolecular technologies.

This is when Arnold Kloostra joined as co-founder and CEO of Crop Health Vision B.V. to lead a new branche of the Health Vision Consortium. Arnold has previously worked as an officer at Intergreen and other Dutch Flower Group companies in the field of international floral marketing, sales, procurement, and supply chain development.

Working together to grow the future.

Join our team, and help us cultivate new opportunities and solutions for our community and future generations.